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Subvein is a online free multiplayer game featuring an angled down camera
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Subvein is a free multiplayer game featuring interesting concepts where you fight against your enemies: you can either be a rebel or a scientist. The game features over 20 weapons, and allows you to buy vehicles with the in-game virtual money. This is a 3D game, and even if you see your character and the enemies with an angled down camera, which is uncommon for 3D games, the gameplay is quite good and brings lots of fun in. The game is improved with regular updates that fix bugs and add new graphical effects to have a more realistic gameplay. You can get new skills and mutations while you progress in the game and they make you more powerful: a mutation can be compared to a level, when you kill someone, you earn a number of experience points according to his mutation level. When you have enough experience points, your character will mutate, becoming more powerful and giving you a skill point. Skill points allow you to unlock a skill of your choice: select the one you like the most and be ready to kill more enemies. The game is quite lightweight, and if you want to play it anywhere, you can download the portable version that can run on any USB stick. Please, however, notice that the game is not very popular, there are not a great number of players online.
To conclude, Subvein is a great and free game, featuring a great number of skills and mutation levels, you'll probably have fun if there are enough connected players.

John Static
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  • Fun
  • Lightweight
  • Portable version available
  • Over 20 weapons available


  • Low number of players
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